A brave bug

I was reading lj when a giant bug decided to make the grand and trecherous journey across the Daiverd. It's point of entry? Right across the back of the left hand of the Daiverd. It was creeping along, hoping not to be noticed by the Daiverd. Unfortunately, the Daiverd noticed the creeping and tried to smack the invader. Luckily for mister bug, he missed and only succeeded in delivering a quite painful slap upon the arm of the Daiverd. Crack! The hand struck mister bug a glancing blow upon the thorax. Dased and confused mister bug fell upon the wide expance of stomach of the Daiverd. Fearing mister bug would never rise again his little bug life flashed before his eyes. There was the time he'd stolen the crumb of delicious apple pie crust to bring to his sister who was ill. The first time he'd ran from the giant snuffling nose of the dog. The time... Ah! The fingers of the Daiverd came to investigate the body of mister bug. I must run away cried mister bug. Creeping as fast as he could, which wasn't very fast, mister bug ran with his injured thorax across the other arm of the Daiverd. The Daiverd commenced to shake frightfully and mister bug fall to the floor. He was glad to be off the Daiverd and to escape with his life and vowed never to attempt the human crossing alone again.


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