Interesting issue?

When reading an article about artificial eyes I ran across this quote. "We wish he could have his own eye, but it's going to be OK," she said. "It looks good, this new eye. He looks much better now. He looks much better. He's like us." I agree that my artificial eye makes me feel much better! My eye lids aren't all saggy and dented in. My issue is the part when they say now he's like us. As if before the child was odd and not a member of the human race. I'm not sure how to feel about this. On one hand I agree. On the other I hate people thinking things are much better when people are like them. Read the article for yourself. Source: Apt pupils / A fifth-generation ocularist makes artificial eye for Castro Valley toddler By the way, Castro Valley is where I went to school. I get to go see the ocularist on april 25. Hurray! New eye for me!


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