The Great Peanut Butter Adventure

My roommate and I stayed at work late last night. we thought to go on a
mission to the kitchens to grab some bread to put our peanut butter
upon. Alas, all ports of entry were locked tight. Sadly we trudged
homeward empty-handed. Sitting at home upon the sofa we contemplated our
plight. Whether it were the better part of vallar to slumber or to whip
up a delicious snack to appease our voracious appetite. Thus prompted by my roommate's rumbling stomach we dashed off to the
kitchen to prepare the most savory of concoctions. "It must contain peanut butter!" he said. "It must also employ delicious jam," I said. "Making bread which we can peanut butter spread upon will take too
long!" I exclaimed. "We shall skip that step. Let us then incorporate
our requirements inside the bread." From these small beginnings, a grand snack was created.
Pizza dough with peanut butter and jelly and folded to perfection.
In about 13 minutes flat, at the midnight hour, we happily munched on
our wondrous creation.


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