The shelf that wanted to be a sled

I've been building shelves for our bathroom closet. There are four shelves: one 2 feet high (60 cm), next one 20 inches up (50 cm), next one the same, and the top one I'm not sure yet. The two lower shelves are 23.5 inches wide (59.6 cm) this leaves a space 65 inches tall (165 cm) to the right of the lower shelves for the ironing board. Anyway, this means all the shelves screw into the wall except the two lower ones that screw into a 65 high piece of plywood. Nice, strong, straight, plywood... Well, it was, but somehow it decided to bend and now resembles a sled. No clue how that happened othe than the fact that it was stored in the bathroom for a while. Maybe the steam and such bent it. Now I've clamped it to the wall and filled the tub with steaming water trying to straighten it out. Of course it'll straighten out when I screw everything together, but I'd rather not put the stress of a bent board on the poor innocent shelves. I am used to building things, clocks, boxes, whatever. Not used to building shelves into a closet. Crazy house builders don't really care if the walls are straight or square so it's a challenge. the closet is half an inch narrower at the back and is wider at the bottom than the top. It's a learning experience. Finding a way to make the edges of plywood look nice will be another challenge--good thing we're painting these. I'm not a carpenter, I'm a woodworker. I don't like when things are more than 1/16th of an inch off, but with this carpentry stuff things are never that accurate and have to figure out what to do with the random gaps that keep popping up. In other news I drank almost a gallon of water yesterday (over 3 liters) and hardly any today. I'm thirsty!


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